Our Service is to formulation, trading and customization microbial concentrates for our coustomers.

Our Profile

MycoZoom is a subsidiary of Aurea Systems GmbH, Germany. Aurea is a successfully growing company in the field of Mycorrhiza  and Biostimulants having its Head Quarters in Neumarkt, Germany. In a short time span, Aurea has been well accepted for its technology & quality in the field of Biofertilizers across the Europe. With a vision of developing Sustainable Agriculture our Mission is An Under Earth Revolution. Our aim is to improve Soil Health through our innovative technology Biofertilizers and other Biostimulants.

We have wider range of formulations of Mycorrhiza including granules, liquids, pelletes, seed coating, powder, tablets and products for drip irrigation.

Soil Health is one of the key factor not only in improving the productivity of agriculture but also in reducing ground water contamination and overall sustainability of environment. We, at Aurea are mainly focusing on under earth revolution.

We have initiated our operations in India under the brand Mycozoom with focus on our efforts to help Indian farming in improving soil health and sustainable Agriculture.