Yield improvement with biological seed treatment of mycorrhiza.

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Launch in India

Lot of advances are underway in industries and technology but still Agriculture remains backbone of India. A variety of efforts being made to improve sustainability of agriculture and to mitigate bad effects of chemicals. Approaches like Integrated Pest Management (IPM), Integrated Crop Management (ICM), Integrated Nutrient Management (INM) etc. have been advised as the tools while dealing with Agri Inputs. But still Soil Health is not getting the attention it should have been. Mycozoom Biotech India Pvt Ltd. Have entered India with clear objective to promote SOIL HEALTH MANAGEMNT. Our innovative microbial and Nano products are one of the important tool to rejuvenate and regenerate the soil health. Initial field trials in Haryana, Gujarat and Maharashtra has shown significant satisfaction among the farmers, a first step towards soil health. Mycozoom’s products have proved its significance in crops like Sugarcane, Paddy, Cotton, wheat, Banana, Tomato and chilli not only in quality production but also an orientation towards of soil health management. Mycozoom have launched its Mycorrhizal Unique products in the Haryana and Gujarat and very soon Maharashtra state will be added. Mycozoom is the first company to introduce pure Mycorrhizal product in India with WDG & Liquid formulations. Mycozoom is also open to B to B business with like-minded companies having interest to promote soil health. World’s best quality Mycorrhizal propagules as per customized requirements shall be made available. Mycozoom will also introduce polymer based seed coating products to improve the seed health, germination and its potential. Interested companies can directly approach us for World’s best quality Mycorrhiza and other Biofertilizers.