Agriculture is the backbone of India and more than 50% of the population is depending on agriculture for its livelihood. Agriculture contributes to 18% of the GDP. Improving productivity is the biggest challenge before agriculture, this is more challenging under the fluctuating climatic conditions. Sustainable agriculture, is the real long term approach in terms of food security, rural employment, and environmentally sustainable technologies such as soil conservation. Soil health and Soil conservation has great impact in improving productivity of a crop. Our innovative products help in optimum utilization of natural resources and thus conserving the depleting sources like phosphorous and other minerals.Increasing the microbial activity in soil helps to maintain the right quality of the soil, optimum balance and utilization of micronutrients and conservation of soil.We are also working on some innovative products which will reduce the usage of chemical fertilizers thus the soil contamination which will also lead to keep check on ground water contamination.We are committed for helping Indian farmers in sustainable growth which is essential for holistic rural development.